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The Perils of Amway

The true story of how Amway changed my life...
by letting me get away from them

Hi there, my name is Russell Glasser and back in 1996, I almost got involved with a large and enticing "business opportunity" called Amway. This is the story of my introduction to, research of, and departure from the Amway corporation.

Originally written as a lark to amuse friends and relatives, this web page has generated considerable notoriety and entertaining commentary from thousands of complete strangers. I welcome you. If you know me and want to read about something that strongly influenced my character, by all means read this story. If you are confused about Amway and want to hear one person's perspective on whether it's a good opportunity, read the story. But if you're an Amway distributor looking for new recruits, go away. Trust me, I am not worth your time.

If you have never visited "The Perils of Amway" before, you should click on "Russell's Story" at the top of the page so you can read about my experience and motivation for talking about Amway. After that, feel free to surf around this site at will.  The feedback section is especially interesting to many people.

Since around about May 1997, people have looked at this page. Frightening, isn't it?

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Wow! nearly three years with no news! I have a few updates to make.

First: I haven't posted any mail at all in years. To remedy this situation, I have set up a guest book where you can leave comments in real time. I'll check in on them, I promise.

Second, I haven't commented on any mail in a long time, but I decided to write a blog post about it. Here it is.

What, you didn't know I've had a blog for two years? Here's the main page. It has almost nothing to do with Amway, but since I get all kinds of questions asking "What are you up to these days?" this is a good place to find out.


Dateline NBC did a terrific expose of Amway. The writeup is nothing new to people who have read this page, but it's still a good read.

Click here to read the article.


Sorry folks. My last update was 1 1/2 years ago. The job of updating my mail is just too much. I do appreciate your feedback, though.

In case you'd like to know what I've been up to these days, you can always look at my personal page. Here's what's up: Ginny and I had a son, Benjamin Jack Glasser, on May 26 2002. We live in a two story house in North Austin that we bought a month before Ben was born. I have been working at IBM for about two years now, doing web programming for a large scale business application.

You know all those people who tell me this page is a meaningless waste of my time? Well, this page was my first practice ground for writing a real webpage. In the past, I mentioned it to several employers on job interviews. They were almost universally entertained, and it's been a big help learning the ropes of web development.

The amusing thing is that this page has indirectly helped me land both a job and wife. Hey, some people DO love a critic after all.

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