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Amway Links

If you did not like what you read on this page, you will probably fail to enjoy these pages also. ;)

Note: Most of the linked sites existed when I started the page, but are no longer up. You might want to use creative Google searches to track down more pages on your own.
  1. Amway, the Untold Story by Sidney Schwartz.
    The first and most extensive of all anti-Amway sites: Statistics. Price comparisons. Experts on cultism. Lawsuits. Sidney has temporarily taken his web site down due to legal attacks by Amway based on his involvement with the Procter & Gamble suit, but you can still view his various mirror sites.
  2. The Skeptic's Dictionary by Robert Carroll (Amway entry)
    This was the first interesting Amway site I ever came across. This is not a comprehensive investigation or anything, but just a generally bemused commentary about Amway myth vs reality, peppered with lots of quotes and sardonic observations. Fun reading, and you'll probably enjoy the rest of the "dictionary" too.
  3. Amway: An Insider's Perspective
    More personal stories, good calculations about success rates, warning signs to watch distributors for, etc. Also has various mirror sites of pages that are temporarily down.
  4. An In-Depth Look At The Amway Business
    This site is a must-read. Not only was it written by a current Amway Emerald, but it was an Emerald who used to have a PRO-Amway site that attempted to refute the Schwartz site. He's changed his tune since then, and the inside exposure is very impressive in its depth.
  5. The Amway Distributors "Little White Lie"
    A good analytical commentary.  Scott thinks a lot like me and includes a lot of answers to other standard pro-Amway arguments.
  6. Quatloos on MLM
    Quatloos is a general purpose scam busting site, with a good thoughtful article about MLM. Does not talk much about Amway specifically.
  7. What's Wrong With Multi-Level Marketing?
    Also not specifically an Amway site, but a debunker of the general concept of MLM as an unsound business plan. I often hear the comment "Sure Amway is not perfect, but I think the idea of network marketing is sound. What's a good alternative opportunity?" Before you ask that question, read this page.
  8. MLM Survivors Homepage
    This site usually has the most current news and updates on the lawsuits. The author, Ruth Carter, has recently published a book called Amway Motivational Organizations: Behind the Smoke and Mirrors.
  9. Amway Motivational Organizations: The Nightmare Builders
    Ashley Wilkes is someone who REALLY has cause to be after Amway's hide. You'll have a chip on your shoulder too after you read this story.
  10. The Other Side of the Plan
    Tons of statistics and calculations that you will really find useful when counteracting some of the pro-Amway "facts".
  11. And more...

  12. Amway: Facts for Thought
  13. The things they will say to profit from your dreams
  14. Kenneth Lowndes for Congress '98
  15. Amway: The Continuing Story
  16. The Broke Loser Family Page
  17. The Canadian Amway Exposť Web-Site

And if you're a real glutton for punishment, you can see what Amway distributors say about themselves. ("Daniel-san! You web page must have more balance!")

    Of course you will want to go over to the source itself. If nothing else, enjoy the wonderfully lavish design on this page. (You KNOW that with all the money they rake in from you distributors, they can afford the very best in web page creation.)
  2. Quixtar
    What I just said goes double for Quixtar, which pretends not to be Amway but don't let them fool you: they just built an e-commerce web site and pretended to change their name.
  3. Amway - My thoughts and experiences
    Here's an Amway fan site for a change. It contains a mirror of "Just the facts, no more fiction", below, which was discontinued. Since I encourage opposing viewpoints as much as possible, I hope you'll drop a visit and tell him what you think too.
  4. Amway: Just the facts, no more fiction
    This site was taken down a year or two ago. Its tone was fairly hostile towards sites like this one, presenting enlightened opinions like this: "Now, you probably have a good idea that what you read on the web has no real reliability."
  5. Crown-Bound
    This is a really fun site to visit. Go here and you can learn, among other things, which churches a successful Amway distributor would choose, and why God meant for you to be in Amway. And just think: some silly people actually believe Amway is a cult! Ha ha! It is to laugh!
  6. Authorized Amway Home Pages
    ...and HERE'S a nifty little site just filled to the brim with uninspired, officially sanctioned home pages by Amway distributors who couldn't operate a computer to save their life. Amway has a new policy about the internet, you see. It's really okay to have a web page, as long as you pay them to do it for you. Does that sound like a familiar story to anyone?

    Your web page here
    I want to see more pro-Amway sites crop up so people can do an honest comparison. In the past I've seen a number of Amway fan sites come and go, most of them smarmy, hostile, and refusing to display any letters expressing opposing viewpoints, as this site does. Recently, though, there has been a shortage of favorable Amway sites of any kind. This is partly due to a restriction, recently lifted, that Amway had on self-promotion by internet. Now that this is no longer an issue, by all means try to prove me wrong if you want. If you've seen any other good places for me to link here, please pass them along and I'll add them when I get around to it.