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Subject:  Your Amway Page

Fri, 30 Jul 1999

I would appreciate it if you could leave my name out of future archives.

I have been reading through your web site and I have to admit I agree with a
lot of the stories that you have been publishing.

I bought that all important kit 7 years ago and some very close friends of
mine became my sponsors.  They took me along to a meeting at a Hotel, they
had only just been sponsored.  I in turn sponsored my father in law to be at
the time (he is my father in law now).

I found myself spending money on rallies, conventions, tapes, books.  We
were told that we should invest our profit right back into our business,
however, they don't mention "pay yourself your expenses" first.  As fas as I
was concerned, I was throwing money down the drain.  I even went and bought
my Artistry kit to do workshops, I managed to sell some make up, but at
times I was driving 75 miles (round trip) just to deliver a lipstick.

My sponsors were encouraged to treat us professionally and not as friends as
they needed to gain stature from us so that we would edify them.  As a
result, we became less close and I really resented that.  I had been to
rallies every month, even travelling over 100 miles to get to them if all
local rallies were sold out.  They don't tell you about all the extra
expenditure when you sign up.  At one point, I was 2 levels up, I managed
6%, although I only kept that for 1 month.  I bought all of the tapes, as
many books as I could afford, I was a student at the time.  I was in this
with my husband (then - fiance) and we worked very hard, I even drove 130
miles to meet my direct at midnight for 30 mins and then got home at 4am.  I
was in no fit state to drive, but I wasn't going to spend yet more money on

Another expenditure was that we would have to drive 140 miles round trip
every weekend to pick up our products.  Ludicrous.

My in laws started having problems and were arguing all the time over "the
Business", this of course made my husband and we felt guilty as we felt that
it was all our fault.  We stuck it out for 3 years and eventually we decided
that we had given it a fair go, we very rarely had an evening where we
weren't working for our business.  People still involved with Amway may well

You needed better support from your up-line
You should have asked for help
etc. etc.

I was sick to my back teeth with it.  Even with all of the above, I would be
able to say, it was a business opportunity that didn't work for me, it was
NOT my bag.  What really winds me up is that when people quit or do not take
up the opportunity, it is insinuated that they are narrow minded, have a
lack of ambition etc.  That is what is not on.  I was also taught to read
people and (IMO) mislead them, I felt devious and manipulative.  Deceitful.

Don't get me wrong, although a lot of the products cost more, they ARE good
products.  As for cosmetics and personal hygeine products, if I want to wear
Chanel makeup with Jean Paul Gaultier perfume, then I don't want someone
telling me I cant.  At the end of the day, I bought Amway perfumes and
didn't like them, it's personal taste.

I lost a lot of friends, we were also told that if people had a negative
reaction to the Oppotunity or were not interested, then they were not worth
associating ourselves with.

Since quitting (yes, I will say the word QUIT), I am now driving my own
Mercedes (hard earnt and not a company perk) and living in a large house on
a prestigous estate and I have never looked back.  My ex-sponsors have since
quit, are very successful consultants and we are starting to talk again.  My
husband will not hear the word Amway mentioned in front of him.  My Father
In Law has since quit and now he and my Mother In Law are getting on again.
The Amway practices have a lot to answer for.

I have also since been approached twice, the first time, the guy kept
bugging me and would not leave me alone for months, I considered reporting
him as a stalker (no joke!), eventually, I put my husband on the line and he
hasn't called since.  I didn't even know they guy!  The more recent approach
is from a friend.  I haven't told him to not go for it, he knows I have been
involved before and asked about my experience, and that is all I stressed to
him...that it was my experience.  So he has struck me off his list.

I'm still young, I have a long way to way.

Thanks for listening, this is probably the first time in 7 years I have been
able to get this off my chest.

Subject:  Ginny's Amway story (part 3)

Wed, 04 Aug 1999

Hey Ginny,
    I'm an ex-Amway Distributor too.  I read your story and hope all is well
with you, your husband, and your child.

Subject:  Your Amway Site (NOT a flame!)

Fri, 6 Aug 1999

Mr. Glasser,

I was recently approached by a friend who told me about a "fantastic
business opportunity" involving e-commerce, and that, since I was a
webmaster, I would be able to succeed at this venture easily, and have the
chance to make an "unlimited income" residually.  He gave me a casette
tape, which I threw away as soon as I got home (I didn't even bother to
read the tape's title) and invited me to a meeting, which I did not attend.
 A couple of weeks later, my friend followed up and invited me to another
meeting.  Once again, I declined to attend.  (Through this point, there had
been no specific mention of what the "opportunity" was or what the
company's name was.)  A few days ago, my friend sent me an email following
up again, and once again inviting me to another meeting.  He even had
someone else send me an email under the pretense of issuing a friendly
invitation to the meeting (since it was to be held after-hours at this
gentleman's business office).  At long last, in this email my friend
mentioned a company name...Quixtar.  If you are actively on top of what
Amway is doing, you know all about what Quixtar is.  It's nothing more than
a flashier and glorified version of "Amway Online", touting itself to be
the future of e-commerce. (I've never been involved with or even recruited
for Amway in the past.)
Being the internet slave that I am, I spent several hours online digging up
all the information I could about Quixtar and Amway.  I looked mostly for
the neutral and negative information, because I am generally the type of
person that looks first at the rain before even trying to find the rainbow.
 (I just thought of that analogy, and it impressed me for a is
very insightful about myself...sorry, I am digressing!)  At any rate, I
found a plethora of anti-Amway information and several sources that state
Quixtar's methods of earning this purportedly "unlimited" income are
identical to Amway's.  I did several minutes of cutting and pasting and
shot off a reply to my friend..."Thanks, but no thanks."
Less than an hour after sending him my reply, I decided to create my own
anti-site, at  I have used some of your
information, with the source linked, and I hope you don't mind.  I have
also used a great deal of information from other sites, and much of my
information is highly critical of Amway/Quixtar.  So far, I am currently
working on my fourth page of information, and the average page size is
between 55kb and 90kb, which is quite large considering there are
practically no images to take up any space.
Anyway, the purpose for this email is to tell you that I found your site
fascinating and very informative, and that I have "borrowed" some of your
information for placement on my own site.  If you would rather I didn't,
please let me know and I will remove the sections of my site that have been
taken from yours.

Thank you!

Subject:  Your Amway story (part 3)

Sun, 8 Aug 1999

Bravo!     I WAS involved and thought I was the only person to ever
challenge an AmScam upline!  My wife became TOTALLY brainwashed by it. I
finally decided to check it out online, found enough proof, and convinced it
would bankrupt us if not lead to divorce! I then proceeded to have her
schedule a "home meeting" and blew away my sponsor & "my diamond" ! They
stormed out and we haven't heard from them since! Well, better stop here,
but if you want a "complete transcript", let me know and I'd be glad to
oblige! Again, Bravo on a job well done!

Subject:  Your LIES about Amway

Tue, 10 Aug 1999

Brilliant.  Absolutely well written.  I couldn't have put it better myself.
When I was 17 I actually joined Herbalife, and similar tactics were used.
Thing is I didn't really have much money, I got ripped off for a couple of
hundred, they finished it when they tried the phone your mates thing.  I
really wished when I saw the end I'd have made a stand.  I didn't have the
net and no-one knew herbalife, or herbalie as I renamed it.  Yup, Amway are
most certainly a cult in my opinion.  Why not get a V3 redirectional thing
of and scrawl the address on walls outside their meetings etc.

Just a little fun with the subject header.

Keep with the truth.

Subject:  Amway Story Reply

Tue, 10 Aug 1999

I would like to send a response (a positive one) but want to make sure this
address is still used.

Let me know if I can send a response in.

Thank you.

Subject:  My reply to your Amway page

Wed, 11 Aug 1999

Wowie zowie.  Your excursion to the perimeter of the Amway abyss was
truly terrifying.  It reminds me of an experience I had as a teenager
with Tupperware and some well-meaning older Christian friends.  While
I'm reluctant to elevate Tupperware to the status of "cult" because
their products are clever and useful and I'm not entirely familiar with
the organization, they practiced some shocking activities at their
"rallies".  I do not exaggerate when I say I had flashbacks of those
Nurembourg reels when the MC chanted, "Now we're cooking with..." and
the devotees dutifully and enthusiastically returned, "TUPPER-WARE!".
The women hugged, gave testimonials, and sang motivational Tupperware
songs like they were at a tent revival.  There was everything short of
the "Holy Ghost shakes"!  I was 17 years old and being pressured by
people I looked up to.  The reason I went to the parties was to build a
"hope chest" for when I moved out of my parents' house, so I would have
many necessities already paid for gradually. The female comraderie of
the parties was appealing and I figured if I was going to spend my
hard-earned cash, it may as well benefit struggling friends.  The two
pillars of my community who tried to mentor me had encouraged me to get
an early start with their organization rather than look for a real job
(up to that point, I was everybody's babysitter).  I resented the
intrusiveness of it then, and after reading a few books about mind
control and cult activities a friend had lying around as research
sources for a term paper, I felt betrayed that they used my trust as an
angle to gain an acolyte.  (Such chance contacts with skepticism or
opposition do make a difference)  I recall that some of the women were
married to men waiting for their Amway opportunities to flower.  I
thought Amway seemed as innocuous as the more esteemed money-making
schemes like Mary Kay cosmetics, Tupperware, and the multitude of
vitamin/health product peddlers who promised economic freedom to the
diligent salesmen infesting the church I attended (churches are
excellent breeding grounds for economic cults, which may not carry the
same stigma of radical religious sects).  Even Kirby, the vacuum people,
advertise for new recruits with euphemisms.  You have no idea what
they're about until after you've responded to their classified stating
they need energetic self-starters (preferably college students) to
lavish gratuities on.  Not a clue, until you've made an appointment for
an "interview", which turns out to be an "orientation meeting" with a
roomful of other hopeful potential exploitees.  It's a let-down when you
find out it's for selling cleaning apparatus door-to-door, but most poor
college students I know who answered that ad gave it consideration as an
interim plan until they could find something better, and one guy got
sucked in.  I suppose in a society where infomercials have replaced the
Saturday television matinee and right-wing fundamentalist politicians
hobnob with cult leaders like Reverend Sun Myung Moon (who even
purchased the Washington Times to add legitimacy and clout to his
undertakings), I could add dozens more examples that come flooding to
mind as I write this.  But you sound like a busy guy and I don't want to
become paranoid.
Lastly, I hope you don't mind if I use your anti-Amway page as a link.
I stumbled upon it while doing a search for "Eckankar", some new age
cult.  (Talk about marketing strategy--the "Ecks" once ran an ad in
Rolling Stone magazine's classified section that simply said "ECKANKAR"
with a toll-free number after it.  I called and the woman who answered
said she merely worked in a  phone room, had no idea what the ad was
about, and was instructed to get the addresses of interested inquirers
to mail informational packets to.)  I was only 15 or 16 then and
typically curious for a girl that age, but hung up because it sounded
like a scam.  It's frightening to think how easily an impressionable
person without a developed sense of self could be led into such
organizations, and through something as common as a mainstream
entertainment monthly.  In the 1970s there seemed to be a real concern
and growing awareness about mind-control cults.  I remember as a kid
seeing a news expose on L. Ron Hubbard and the Scientology movement,
which has stayed in my mind always as something to avoid.  It's
appalling to see celebrities embrace the movement a couple decades later
after all the negative coverage Scientology has received, and nobody
seems to care anymore that the founder was a shady character but a good
author of fiction.  Have our collective defenses been worn down by the
proliferation of "spiritual" movements which employ mind-control

This is probably too long to print and that's fine.  I just wanted to
thank you for sharing your experience and hope you will continue to keep
the word out there.

Subject:  My reply to your Amway page

Mon, 16 Aug 1999

I found you web site at just the right time...I have been approached by a
"Sponsor" regarding the latest AMWAY production-   Any thought
on this?
It is due to launch Sept 1, 1999. Seems that Amway lives even in the
electronic world of the internet.

I am looking for any info you have to same my sanity from being absorbed
into the world.

Seeking solutions.
Subject:  Re: My reply to your Amway page

Tue, 17 Aug 1999

> Chris Endicott wrote:
> I found you web site at just the right time...I have been approached by a
> "Sponsor" regarding the latest AMWAY production-   Any
> on this?
> It is due to launch Sept 1, 1999. Seems that Amway lives even in the
> electronic world of the internet.
> I am looking for any info you have to same my sanity from being absorbed
> into the world.
> Seeking solutions.
> Chris.

I was just about to post some updates with a frequently asked questions

(And I did.)

Subject:  Ginny's Amway story (part 3)

Wed, 18 Aug 1999

Thanks, for sharing your story on the web.  I am fortunate that I have never
signed up for AMWAY, but I've been to at least half a dozen meetings and
some of my best friends are in AMWAY.  One of my (former) best friends is a
recent distributor and your story gives me some new insight into his thought
processes and what his life must be like.

Since he joined AMWAY he has turned into an incredibly boring person, who
wants to do nothing to explain to me the beauty of the AMWAY plan at any
provocation.  I'll try to steer the conversation away from AMWAY, but within
5 minutes he will bring up the plan regardless of the subject we are talking
about and proceed to explain it me even though I've heard it dozens of

In some ways I have a mixture of respect, sadness and concern for him after
reading your story.  He always tells me how great the business is going and
how he's on the way to diamond.  He even gives dates such as on this day one
year from now I'll be emerald.  However, he can't hide the fact that many of
the shirts he wears have yellowed to the point that even a confirmed, sloppy
batchelor like myself would not wear them or consider them fit for anything
but dust rags.

Sorry, if I'm rattling on a little too long, but I just wanted to say a few
things.  Thanks again for some insights into my friend(s) behavior and
attitude since he signed on with AMWAY.

Subject:  Your Amway page...

Wed, 18 Aug 1999

I got involved in Amway in 1979, when I was 19.  A number of friends bought
products from me because they liked me, but they would not buy a second
time.  I was never comfortable with turning every relationship into a
marketing opportunity.  My sponsors would say"Well if you see a good movie,
you want to run out and tell all your friends about it, so Amway can do them
much more good than a movie, so why not tell about Amway".  They ignore that
something changes when you are making money off of what you tell your
friends about.  I have tried other MLM companies, Melaleuca, CellTech, but
found them to be just like Amway.  MLM inherently turns people against each
other and makes everyone everyone else's competitor.

Subject:  Finished your Amway story...

Thu, 19 Aug 1999

Great story...fascinating made-for-TV movie...but Dude, some of your links
don't work...very annoying.

Subject:  Your%20Amway%20page...

Fri, 20 Aug 1999

Hi.  I was trying to view a link about Amway that was linked up to your
 The story is about an Emerald in the business who has gone from PRO to CON.
I do not know alot about computers or the internet.  The site was not
available.  Is there some way I can view this?
Thank you for your time.

Subject:  Finished your Amway story...

Sat, 21 Aug 1999

Hi, I read with interest your story and was quite embarrassed because it
brought back bad memories of my involvement with amway. You see I went  as
far as signing up before realizing what a scam it really was. I wish I had
read this 4 years ago when a friend (who has nothing to do with me now)
pressured me into the business. I personally know three people who are head
over heals involved with this business and they all have changed
drastically, I feel like they are definitely brainwashed. I lost some money
and self respect for being conned, but I escaped before they got their
hooks too deep in me. My hope is that others stumble on to your website
before making a decision on joining amway. Best wishes to you

Subject:  Finished your Amway story...

Wed, 25 Aug 1999

Hi Russell,
My name is Holly.  My husband and I too were sucked into the land of Amway.
It was early 1993, and we were young newlyweds recently relocated from our
hometown in Buffalo, NY to San Antonio, TX  where my husband began a new
job.  We were introduced to Amway by one of his coworkers.  The husband and
wife team came to our apartment on a Sunday evening dressed in their Amway
attire.  I asked them if they had just come from church and I never received
an answer.  They proceeded with their sickenly sweet sales pitch and my
husband fell hook, line and sinker into everything they told him.  I was
more skeptical, but being the newlywed I was I didn't argue.  We went to one
of the "meetings" a few days later dressed in our best business attire and
met our future upline and all of the other important people who would soon
become our biggest influence for the next 5 or so years.  Well, to make a
long story short, we signed up, began buying all of the products we could
and attended
 every meeting.  Some meetings would last and last and last.  We'd get home
at 3 and 4 in the morning, sleep a few hours and then go to work the next
day.  We'd tell ourselves this is only temporary.  Pretty soon we won't have
to work.  Well that time never came.  A year later, we had only sponsored a
handful of people, only one couple attending meetings regularly with us.
And since we weren't the success stories they had thought we'd be, our
upline directs had little to no time for us!!  But we continued this sick
charade.  I became pregnant with our first child in late 1994, and continued
at the same pace attending meetings, some which we drove over 20 hours to
get to!!  After our son was born, I slowed down a little but not much.  We
had no family in town so we were forced to find a babysitter everytime we
wanted to attend a meeting.  I told myself that this too was only temporary.
Everything changed in early 1996 when my husband was transferred to Dallas.
Now our upline and the one couple we had going to meetings with us would be
5 hours away.  They sent us on our way and told us not to worry.  Everything
would be ok and they hooked us up with the Dallas group under the same line
of diamonds as us.  The truth was that we were outsiders to this little
group.  We never felt quite welcome at their meetings and were told not to
become too personal with them since that would be "crosslining".  Well this
nonsense went on for about another year or so.  We continued to attend
meetings alone in Dallas (we never sponsored on person after we moved) and
we'd hook up with our group and upline at the major events every other
month.  As it turned out, the longer we were away and the less we bought and
produced, the less our upline (especially our sponsors, who to this day have
still not acheived anything more than the 2500 point level and are making no
money) wanted less and less to do with us.  These people were supposed to be
our friends and mentors, mind you.  When I became pregnant with our second
child in 1997, we knew we couldn't possibly fool ourselves anymore.  Four
years later and over $15,000 invested, we were making about $20 a month.  I
graciously informed our sponsors that we would not be attending the next
major function or any after that and to please take us off the three tapes a
week that we were receiving.  Needless to say, this did not go over well.
They really have never spoken to us again.  I have left them a few messages
here and there because there are still a few amway products that we really
like and wanted to receive.  I guess they can't handle us as simple
I can say that a few good things have come out of this experience though.
Due to the Sunday services that are offered on the last day of the
conventions, my husband and I became Christians and now attend a wonderful
church here in Dallas.  The one couple that hung in there with us (who also
are now Amway free) have become great friends of ours.  We met them during
one of our cold contacts believe it or not!!  We have a lot of funny stories
to share now, that's for sure.
I admire you for sharing your story Russell.  Amway does work for some, but
it is not for everyone.  We gave it our best shot.  It just took us longer
than others to realize that diamond was nowhere in our future, unless we
decided to forsake our friends and family and go at it 24/7!  And for those
it has and does work for, I applaud them.  Obviously they know something we
Thanks for your time.

Subject:  Finished your Amway story...

Sun, 29 Aug 1999

Dear Sir:

Thank you for your Amway story.  Several have tried to rope me into Amway,
but the inflated prices always kept me out! 


Subject:  My reply to your Amway page

Mon, 30 Aug 1999


Here is the bottom line:

I believe you love helping others like I do. I really found something
that is helping a LOT of people. Please read this over carefully, as it
could help you and your family OR help someone you know and love.


Subject:  Amway / Network 21

Wed, 01 Sep 1999


I'm from Austria and since a short time a friend started with
Amway. We are both also in computer business. The first thing
what he told me was: Do you want to get rich. I'm also quite a
doubtful person so I listened to his introduction with the sentences
"do you have a dream" and "there are people with money ... bla
bla" but I never wanted to sign. I think it was quite good for me that he
was just starting with Amway, otherwise he would have maby changed my mind.
Since he try's to get "rich" he wants to convice everyone he meets.
It doesn't matter if this people are friends, family members or
somthing else. The result of this is sometimes that people just
ignore him or that they get mad at him. Others he already convinced to make
it with a lot helf by his "upline". It's funny to hear all the special
words, they are using. I think the worst thing is his
upline. Since a couple of months he is hanging arround with them.
When I read your story they reminded me on Phil and his wife and
my friend seems to be Ted.
It's really amazing how much similarities to your story exist. Now
this friends spends more and more time going to meetings and so
on. 2 days ago we saw him the first time in a suit and we asked
him what he is going to do. It was sure that it has something to do
with Amway.
In his mind he will be rich in 2 years to make his dream true.
Every week which passes he gets more involved and stucked with
Amway. He is a intelligent person but I think they hitted the right
point on him.
It would be really nice from you if you could give me some tips to
unstuck him.

Anyway, next week I plan to go with his ex girlfriend and with him
to such an event where they have such a proffessional speaker. I
deffinatly want to hear what they say there.
If you want to know how it was I can write you back.

Thanx for your web-page, I read everything with great interest.

Something else. I think he gets all the tapes from a company called
network 21 which is connected to Amway.

I'm sorry for my bad english
hope you could understand something :-)


Ps.: Keep on hearing rock music

Subject:  Your Amway story (part!!1)

Wed, 1 Sep 1999


My name is ***** *****, and at first I watnt to excuse my english. I'm an
Austrian and I only learned english at scool. To introduce myself, I'm a
software programmer. I visited a computer scool and now I work in a big bank

A month ago I heard of a new Marketing Conzept called Network Marketing. The
firm is called Network 21. I read your story and now I ask if you have been
touch with the Amway-Buissenes (where you be a seller of Amway products) or
the Network Marketing Buissines (where you buy produkt of several firms like
Amway, Nutrilite, Artistry, Philips, Pierre Cardin, Bosch, Sony, Coca Cola,

I really want to now, if you was on meetings of Amway or on meetings of
21. What I have read, many things are equal, but the most or all of the bad
things of Amway aren't in Network 21. Perhaps I don't have enough
of Network 21, then I want to know also the bad things.


PS: I'm a Network 21 distributer, but only since a month. When there is
something I should know, I want to know it :-)

Subject:  Finished your Amway story...

Wed, 1 Sep 1999

Its very interesting to read your experiences.  We (my husband and I AND
some other friends) were unfortunately not as lucky as you.  We did not do
our research and found out not fast nor early enough about Amway.  We were
in "it" for almost a year and surely lost about 2-3 thousand.  Big regrets,
but, we are surely smarter and wiser now.  We finally got sick of our
"upline" and the lines they were using on us to waste our money.  It really
is sick how they manipulate people.

Subject:  Finished your Amway story...

Thu, 02 Sep 1999

Hi Russell!

        Just the information I needed to confirm my doubts and suspicions.
I've got a guy "trying" his best to recruit me and he is not having too
much success.  Anyhow, wanted to inform you and other readers that Amway
is now on-line. is based and run by Amway which is the
"little" information I've been able to get out of this guy.  (have to go
to the meetings, listen to the tapes, read books, blah,blah, get
the details)

        Just wanted to say thanks for sharing your story and backing up what
I've heard from everyone else about what a dud and a waste of time/money
this really is.

        Thanks again!!

Subject:  My reply to your Amway page

Mon, 06 Sep 1999

To everyone who is "FOR" amway my experiences..please post! Thanks

Hello Everyone,

I joined Quixtar about a month ago after I heard how it was going to
CHANGE the web. THe truth is I have been doing internet marketing for
about 3 years now and ahve made quite a bit of $$$ doing it, but that
isn't my point. My point is Quixtar is just amway on the web, More lies
then truths, people controlling/leading people. For all of you that are
in Amway/Quixtar I would suggest taking a look at yourself, and ask
yourself if you enjoy lying to people, and looking at them as $$$, not
really helping them.
I have not gotten 1 ounce of help since I started in Quixtar, just the
promise that I could make MAJOR $$$, which I have no need for. I wanted
to get into this program to help OTHERS make $$, but I see that that
isn't the main goal of this program at all. It is for certain people to
get rich, and those that WANT to get rich to buy all the "MOTIVATIONAL"
materials that the "RICH" people have for sale. Do these programs they
have actually TEACH you how to make $$? Or do they keep you being
positive, something you should be doing yourself, so that you will buy
MORE materials from them?
I do agree some people will make $$$, but this will be greatly less then
those that SPEND more then they make. BTW I just got into the quixtar
site, all the promises they were making don't seem to be true to me. Do
you realize those "PARTNER" sites that Quixtar is supposed to be
partners with, you can actually get paid DIRECTLY from them 10-30% as an
affiliate?? Don't believe me check out this site! Quixtar is just UNDERSELLING all there people
who are in ther eprogram. They are getting paid a higher percentage then
they are paying you for buying the products from these PARTNERS...
Wake up...I am not lying I know business and I see a lot of people being
misled!! I commend you for designing this page. If you want help in
making REAL $$$$ off the web contact me, I am looking for people who
have some ideas about different online businesses.

If you have an idea, or just want to bitch at me, that is fine!! Freedom
of speach is what this country "USED" to be all about haha!! If you have
a great idea on a new website, and just need some $$ or guidance, I am
here for that too! Please let me know!

Subject:  Ginny's Amway story (part 3)

Tue, 07 Sep 1999

Hi Ginny,

Your story seems too familiar.  I have friends who've gotten sucked into
this scam and I wish I could get them out.  One couple lives in North
Carolina and the other couple live across the street from me here in
Philadelphia.  Both couples wanted to show my husband and I "the plan".
Fortunately, I had already heard of Amway and didn't want any part of
it.  From the way they talk and carry on about the millionaires they've
met, I didn't want anything to do with that either.  I've gotten bits
and pieces of how this business works without seeing the actual business
plan but find it completely rediculous how they've got to buy like 200pv
in over-priced merchandise and got to all these rallies and functions
that they pay for.  My neighbors' kids are always with babysitters.
It's awful.  I've done lots of research on the internet, mainly so I'd
have some answers when they try to approach me again with their plan.
Did you ever think about contacting 20/20 or Dateline NBC?  I think this
rotten organization should be exposed.  They're ruining people's lives -
good people who just want to make a little more money or possibly stay
at home with their children - are lead to believe they can do just that
and with a little hard work they'll be rich.  What lies are told.  This
really is a cult.  Good for you for getting out and realizing your baby
was more important than these idiots.  Good luck, Ginny.  I hope you can
reach others who are stuck in the Scamway life and get them out.

Subject:  Finished your Amway story...

Thu, 09 Sep 1999

Your story was marvelous. however I'm afraid I read it too late.
I was suckered into Amway. Paid my membership dues, and did'nt realize it
was Amway until I read the fine print.
Have you heard of Quixtar? That's how they got me. The concept sounds great,
people who like to shop on the web or out of catalogs will love this.....ya
da ya da ya da....Well I like to shop on the web and I love to shop from
catalogs and I hate crowds and shopping malls....I'm sure I don't have to
tell you anymore.
They hooked me like a flounder.
I am in the process of getting my money's only been about a week.
I don't know what recourse I have, if you ahave any suggestions, I would
appreciate them.  Thanks,

Subject:  My reply to your Amway page

Thu, 16 Sep 1999

I read your complete story, very well done.  I believe you that that was
your true experience, and you seem to have tried to present it objectively,
as you see it.  But I think about something I've heard from my personal
Diamond, and I truly believe it, but I don't know what to do to give
everybody the "right" experience and keep the losers out.   That is this:
there are about ten different "ways" to "do" Amway, and I wouldn't be caught
dead doing about nine of them.  I'm just sorry that was your experience.  I
think maybe if you had been contacted and met some of the people we work
with, you might have had a much more positive experience.  I'm sorry you
criticized the products, apparently not having used any of them.  I'm sorry
your ex-future-almost sponsor and direct gave you the impression we're all a
bunch of money-grubbing self-serving brainwashed idiots.  And I'm also sorry
you never got involved enough, the RIGHT way, to actually reap some of the
benefit of the personal development that CAN happen if you have the desire
to improve your situation.  Brainwashing?  Maybe, but it's better than the
kind of junk that's out there, that will NOT help me grow in a positive

No, I won't slam you for sharing your reality, it's not worth it.

Subject:  Finished your Amway story...

Thu, 16 Sep 1999

Many thanks that was a close shave!

Subject:  a funny amway mad lib for you

Fri, 17 Sep 1999

You have probably received a funnier one, but I think this is still kind of


You are so incredibly DISGUSTING that I just can't believe
it. You deserve to PUT.

I hope you always remember the words of the famous RUBY
SINGS." Boy, I'll bet that old HENRY FONDA could really
teach you a thing or two!  Here's a person who makes over
999,999 dollars every month. Do YOU make that much, you
DISGUSTING BUTT?  If not, then you are obviously wasting my

My upline GOAT, who made 2 dollars last year from his Amway
business alone, told me that nobody likes a TONGUE. And that
is exactly what you are, a great big TONGUE.

In closing, I would like to say that although I respect your
right to PUSH your opinion, you obviously have as much
intelligence as a PICTURE, and while I become BURLY and
OBESE you will be serving me my CREPE SOUSETTE and selling
BMW'S to me.

I wish you success in whatever you do, and I of course bear
you no ill will.


***** (A BURLY distributor)

Subject:  your page...i like it;)

Sun, 19 Sep 1999

   I must say, I was very impressed with you page and wanted to thank you
for making it and displaying it so that I could find it before I completely
screwed up my life. I knew something was wrong with Amway, but I just
couldn't put my finger on it...until I read your page. I can now see the
truth in the light. If it is truly a hobby for you and you enjoy doing this,
perhaps you might consider writing a page about Quixtar. It is amway's new
disguise and far more deceptive than the amway ever was. It is an e-mall.
Overall I thought you did very well and appreciate your ambition. I'll have
to refer people to it now that I know of it;)

Subject:  Your Amway page...

Tue, 21 Sep 1999

I've probably e-mailed you before, but I want to thank you again for your
courageous, informative web-site.  I wish the Amway were the only scam, but
all MLM's inevitably become cults, and when Amway collapses, all the big
diamonds will start new scams.  So, we must never relent in our fight to
educate people about the rotten nature of MLM's.

Subject:  Amway/Qwixtar

Tue, 21 Sep 1999

  Just a quick note to say that I came accross your web site after
asking "Jeeves" about Amway.I believe I read 90% of it and found it
interesting but alas you can't put me down as one "saved" as I had more
or less come to a lot of your conclusions a few years ago when a
neighbor started enlisting recruits.Yesterday an opportunity came for
another shot as I was given a new intro to "" and was
unable to get much out of the site other than a few statements of
mission etc. What do you know about it other than it appears to be Amway
on the net? Take care and keep at it.

Subject:  Your Amway page...

Wed, 22 Sep 1999

My wife found your web page and downloaded the info,which I FOUND IN THE
regarding your failure to take advantage of a business opportunity.It
is,after all,just an opportunity to make money,just like anything else.WHY
ARE YOU CRYING THE BLUES???It obviously didn't work for you,I KNOW AND YOU
must be trying to make money with this page,because of your failure with


Subject:  Your Amway story (part 1)

Wed, 22 Sep 1999

I wish I could have got lucky as soon as you. Your version is a modest one.
When I have time I will add to it for you.

Subject:  your amway story (part 3)

Thu, 23 Sep 1999

I think that everything that you've stated on your web page is true about
Amway. However, I think my husband is about to be "suckered" in by "Quixtar"
and it just makes me sick to my stomach!  He says he needs my help and
support in this endeavor, but I really don't want to be any part of it!  By
the way I am also a computer science major.

Subject:  Any opinions on Quixtar?

Fri, 24 Sep 1999

I agree with everything you posted about Amway, and am also skeptical of
Quixtar.  However, it looks to me like Quixtar will attract many people who
never get involved in Amway pep rallies, and will therefore drop out as soon
as they realize the products are trash and the prices absurd.  I think this
could topple the whole system.
    What do you think?
    Thanks for the interesting website.

Subject:  Your Amway page...

Fri, 24 Sep 1999

Dear Anti Amwayer!!

I have had a chance to take a closer look at Amway Business in the united

I tried the busines, regularly attended their meetings, even attended a
weekened diamond seminar in 'Fresno'.

Read almost all the books on MLM available at ' Barnes & Noble'.

I came back to my country( India)  just before  Amway's India launch.

Did the business seriously for one year.


I am successfully doing MLM,but not Amway , instead a local Company.

After hitting your site, I thought of sharing a few jokes on Amway with

1...   Amway is an University, "ADU' --Amway Distributors University.  You
can learn there but you can not earn there.

2...  SA-8 is Amway's largest selling washing detergent 'cos maximum
Brain-'washing' is done in Amway.

3....' Sweet Shot' is Amway's popular brand as distributors need it to
'sweet talk' gullible prospects into joining Amway.

4...Once a Diamond was lazying on a beach in 'Goa'-India, worrying about
his future. He rang up 'Dick Devos'     on his cell phone and asked .. Amway
has covered more than half the globe- it's operating in more than 80
countries, we are left with very few countries like India and the middle
east.   What'll happen to our business when all the markets get saturated??
    Dick Devos replied !! Don't worry! We have made ABO _Amway Business
Opportunity- unaffordable by majority of Indians so there will be very few
people doing the business at a given time hence the Indian market will not
get saturated for a long time. ( As a matter of fact, ABO,in India,costs
more than a month's salary of majority of Indians whereas it costs only 3
day's of minimum wages in America.)

Think about it !!!


Other jokes some other time

Please give this guy a break. I'm sure those jokes were hilarious in his language, they just lost something in the translation.

Subject:  Your Amway story (part 3)

Mon, 27 Sep 1999

I just happened upon your story.  About three years ago I went through the
very same thing.  My old friend Joe got me to a couple of meetings and I was
almost desperate enough to join.  Somewhere over lunch, somebody said the
word "cult", and it really hit me.  It described everything I had been
concerned about with Joe and his new friends. I had even made a few attempts
(two) to have acquaintences join me at a meeting.  One said "If this is
Amway, goodbye", the other person still gives me suspicious looks even to
this day.  Again, they were just acquaintences, fortunately, I did not bring
this up to any of my friends.  Poor Joe. He's a great guy, but seems to
always be grasping for some pie in the sky.  It's probably been over three
years since he joined.  I know he hasn't made money, and I know he doesn't
have as many friends as he used to have.  Thanks for your time in putting
this all together.
I'm new on the net, and this is the first response I've ever made. Thank

Fri, 01 Oct 1999

Subject: Subject: Finished your Amway story...

Russ:  Like the page.  I grew up as a "Amway Brat"   My mother started
with them in the early 60's.  To the thier credit
she managed to make a few dollars.  Not the millions they advertise.  I
have been to more rallies than I can remember.
The thing I find the most humerous in my life is when I get prospected
and those magic words appears
"Would you be interested in a business oppourity.  My first response is
"No, I don't want to sell Amway"
The person looks at me totaly surprised and usualy says, how did you
know. I explain I grew up with it.
The odd thing is after I tell them that, they don't want to continue.  I
know the lies and b.s. invovled.   So they flee with
great haste.   The sad thing about Amway is that they do make some
decent products. Not everyone is gem. I doubt any
company could brag all thier products are perfect.  I worked as a temp
in college at the factory and know many folks
who work there.  They run good operation there and treat people good.
It's too bad they smear all that by running such a
scam on distributors.   I also should mention they are very good to the
community. In Grand Rapids you seen many signs
of the Amway dollar. .

Well that's my say. Keep up the good work. and pardon the typos and
grammer. It's way late and I should be alseep right

Sun, 3 Oct 1999

Subject: Finished your Amway story...

You really have an interesting story. I can related to many of the
points you have covered. My question, is Quixtar going to be the same
shit as Amway, do you think people are going to make lots of money
since Quixtar is online?

Confused IBO

Tue, 05 Oct 1999

Subject: Your Amway Page

Gotta love those insults. This is one of the better negative feedback
pages I've seen.

It's amazing how they are almost uniformly illiterate and
incomprehensible. Apparently some of these alleged millionaires never
made it through 6th grade.

I was approached years ago about joining a branch working under Crown
International. When I read the intro materials one of the lines jumped
out at me. It said " If they ask is "Crown International the same as
Amway?", don't admit it, find out how much  they know first." I told
them to take a hike right then.

I also love the people lying about their income in their letters to
you in order to stop the terror they feel from reading your  pages.  I
guess it's tough to deal with when you suddenly realize that
you are flushing your work down the drain at an ever  increasing rate
and have nowhere to go and no skills to sell other than being
gullible. If you lie to yourself long enough and hard  enough it must
make you feel better.

They remind me of the Cowardly Lion,  closing their eyes as tight as
they can and saying " I *do* believe in Amway, I *do* believe in

Anyway- loved the page!


P.S. Tell Ginny her story was great and I'm glad things are looking

Tue, 05 Oct 1999

Subject: Your Amway story (part 2)

what do you know about amway's new venture in quixtar?

Tue, 5 Oct 1999

Subject: Your Amway page...

Hello I just got done reading some of the things you wrote about Amway
for the information I'll never buy one product again from these ASSHOLES, My
anut was selling this stuff and tell me how she's gonna get rich etc,etc,
know what I'm talking about trying to get me to a meet for months, anyway
I've an idea for you and that's why I really wrote why don't you  put up a
domain name like WWW.AMWAYSUCKS.COM, Someone did it to walmart check the
it's really funny it's called of course WWW.WALMARTSUCKS.COM  cool huh?

Wed, 6 Oct 1999

Subject: Finished your Amway story...

Hi Russell,

I just read your letter about Amway, I understand that it's not for some
people and at one point it wasn't for me.  I got out of the business several
years ago, I was a senior in college and just didn't really look at the
future.  I always wondered if it really worked.  I have been out of school
for 20 years now and back with Amway for the past 3 years.  I'm not a
yet, but that $3500.00 extra a month sure does help.  And guess what!!!!!
you don't need those tapes and books...

Good luck to you,

Thu, 07 Oct 1999

Subject: A new angle

I had  a neighbor stop by my house out of the blue the other day to
let me know about this great new way to make money and save some too.
Sound familiar?  Well it's called quixtar and you can find it at
 It was developed by Amway specifically for the internet.  The pitch
is the same, "these are products you are going to buy anyway so why
not stay at home with your family and buy them over the internet. "
The sight went on line Sept. 1 and my neighbor called the other day
and said it was in the top five sites for internet hits.  In our first
and only meeting he spent the entire time talking about all the name
brand products that would be available.  Finally, I asked him straight
out, " Is this Amway?"  He danced some more and finally admitted that
it was.  "But this would be totally different" he said.  You still are
supposed to get all your friends and associates to sign up.  Thought
you might want to know.  Thanks for the info on Amway.  It made me
realize my suspicions were true.

Sat, 9 Oct 1999

Subject: Your Amway page...

Very informative web site, sir.  My wife's cousin is an Amway... person
(amwayoid?) and I always wondered what was up with the glassy stare...  Now
I know the rest of the story.  Thanks for the info.

Sat, 9 Oct 1999

Subject: kudos re: your amway info site

I must compliment you on your Amway info site.  My wife has a cousin in
Amway... He has this glassy, Borg-like stare at the world.  I went to
an Amway recruiting meeting; immediately detected rodent aroma.  I felt
like I was in the presence of Moonies.  I hope everyone in the U.S.
visits your site and heeds the words you wrote.  My friend in the Air
Guard tells me that the Canadian government is hot after Amway's butt.
I hope our friends up north can nail 'em to the wall.  Thanks again.

Little Rock, Arkansas

Wed, 13 Oct 1999

Subject: Cool page

Hey man,
     You did it without realizing it! You made a difference! I'll bet
there's more than one person out there who dodged the Amway bullet
because of this page. Good work. I'm sending this to my sister, who's
getting interested in Quixtar.


Thu, 14 Oct 1999

Subject: Finished your Amway story...

Hi,  My name is ***.  I WAS an Amway junkie.  The worst is that I did not
learn.  In my greed, I became involved with another MLM.  Hard to believe,
but they were so convincing and had a product that was true to my soul.
(alternative medicine).  Now, I obsess about how to get the world to wake up
and smell the coffee - burned coffee.

I've even considered starting some kind of grassroots consumer protection
group regarding all MLM companies.  I hope I can put this to rest soon and
realize people are just going to have to make their own mistakes.

I wish you could hear the rebuttals from my upline when I confront them with
the FACTS against this company - Mannatech!  Thing is that there are a lot
MLM's out there pushing supplements and I know a lot of people are gonna get
burned in the interest of helping others live a healthier life.  ?  Myself,
20 year veteran RN.

There's an old saying with a message of : "decieve me once, shame on you",
deceive me twice, shame on me."  The shame is on me.  I just want to say,
keep on putting this information out there.  If it saves one soul from the
wretched horrors of Amway and MLM's, you will be a success.  Thanks, Pam

Sat, 16 Oct 1999

Subject: My reply to your Amway page

I left Amway cuz it felt wrong that everyone was alike, good positive
attitude and suits and idolizing the diamonds. I felt i was losing myself
(a big spec gothic geek in business suit???), and to totally remake my
individuality into a robotic sales machine was a price too high to pay for
financial security Amway promised. I left cuz i felt it was wrong for me.
But now that i have read your page about Amway, i feel both relieved and
Relieved because I trusted what I feel and I got away intact.
Angry because not only Amways wasn't all that good, it is evil. In fact,
let's destroy Amway!!!

At the heart of every light, there's a fire. It's needs to constantly
destroy to maintain it's existence. Then there are those of us attracted by
the warmth, blinded by the radiance, unable to see that the fire will
consume them too...

For the sake of masses, Destroy Amway

Sun, 17 Oct 1999

Subject: Finished your Amway story...

loved your site, i found it so interesting and entertaining!  My husband and
I were just shown "the Plan"  two nights ago.. and i have been so sick to my
stomach.  How can i feel this way when all  of these people in "the
are so happy and rich. ( and what made me so sick was to see the book of
"RICH" people, and their flashy motor homes, etc...gag!)   It made me feel
better to hear your story and know i am not alone.

Mon, 18 Oct 1999

Subject: Amway of course!

Hi, I think our site is fantastic! I find it hard to believe that
people get so sucked into this Amway scam.  My husband and I were
introduced (I should say harassed) to Amway a few months ago. I
listened to the "wrap" for two nights, anyway, after hearing
the same old 'phony' sounding lines, I decided that I had no
interest. My husband did not feel exactly the way I did. He is
somewhat a bit more taken by things than I am. I told him, and the
husband-wife Amway team that no way could they be pushing a really
legitimate and ethical business. Well the Amway speaker got mad and
challenged me on my views.  I had prior to the meeting researched this
whole Amway deal and knew that I was on the right track. So I called
him on his bull... He did not want to except it, and was a bit mad
because my husband left the whole decision up to me. I found that
these Amway men believe they are in power and are dominate.(sadly
enough the women accept this) Well, not with me. Besides, I am a Woman
Studies major. Frankly, I believe this is what saved us from my
husband making a rash decision. Thanks for your site, and keep up the
good work.

P.S.  If any Amway peddler's wife would like to discuss anything about
being in her position with me, I am

Tue, 19 Oct 1999

Subject: Your Amway story (part 2)

Yes, I am an Amway distributor. I read your entire site and thoroughly
enjoyed it. It did not make me angry. I do not do things quite the way
Ted did. I only have my downline buy tapes when they start having
bonuses come in. I do not "push" the tapes on them. I also do not
recommend the larger functions until they have sufficient bonus money do
cover the cost. Are there bad distributors who are using their
downlines? Probably. Are there people using the internet  wrongfully?
Probably. People tend to get used by one thing or another if they let it
happen. Most Americans want to get rich, but they want it to happen
overnight. They wiil spend large sums of money on lottery tickets,
gambling in Las Vegas or other such ventures. I might not ever get rich
in Amway. But I have met good people. And I have learned some valuble
things that I might not ever have learned. Including how our tax system
is manipulated by our representatives in Washington. The only thing that
disturbed me in your site is the broad brush strokes that you used to
paint Amway distributors with. Some really do care about their
downlines. And believe it or not, some are real genuine down to earth
people who just want something better. Like I said, I might not ever get
rich in Amway. To me that's not what it is about. To me it's the journey
I'm on and the people I meet. And some have become my very good friends,
suit included. Amway is a vehicle. You're the driver. If you crash it's
your fault. But I have grown mentally contrary to your belief and grown
spiritually. Is that so bad? Maybe in today's world it is. I have not
been brainwashed. I'm retired military. so I know what that is like. You
have your opinion and I respect it. I don't necessarily agree with all
you have said but that is why we live in the greatest country in the
world. I choose to try to make money this way. We have lots of legal
professions who will gladly take your money quicker and faster than an
Amway distributer. Doctors, lawyers, stock brokers and some web sites.
I'm not robbing banks, selling drugs to children, or pilfering someone's
savings using electronic means so please humor me. I'm sorry it didn't
work for you but please don't decide if it will work for me. Thanks for
your time.

Wed, 20 Oct 1999

Subject: Your Amway story (part 2)

I agree with your position on AMWAY..thanks to them I almost lost my wife,
kids, professional career and almost my life.  These are very dangerous
people who know how to manipulate the potential go-getter.  I am glad I am
out... but not without withdrawals......thanks for telling it like it is....
the truth about AMWAY needs to be told... because they definitely do not
practice the AMerican WAY to success......

Wed, 20 Oct 1999

Subject: Your Amway page...

can you not see how big the internet is getting. it is amazing how many
people are
interested in shopping off the internet.

                    this is from an i.b.o interbiz is the way to go

Thu, 21 Oct 1999

Subject: Your Amway story (part 1)

Dear Mr. Glasser;
I have just spent considerable time reading your
interpretations/assessments of the the Amway Corporation from your web
site. I have to say, your presentation is well presented and
interesting, given the fact that it is developed and written by
someone who spent about 3 weeks, 3 tapes, and 3 meetings to decided
that (and,"about 30 seconds of reading material written by former
distributors").  Truly, I find much of what you have written to be
full of misconceptions, half truths and "stinking thinking".  But I
Shall give you the benefit of the doubt.  Perhaps just as you said
about TED, you are unaware that you too are being manipulated by the
negative things other people are saying, not knowing what their
frustrations, needs and or distorations may be.  I must agree that Ted
may have been a little "tackie" and naive in some of his interactions
with you, but who is prefect in his presentations and enteractions
after only a year in a business.  The fact the he had only recruited 4
in his line of sponsorship in 1yrs, is a revelation itself about Ted.
And, you see, the point that you missed in the tapes and the book of
the month club, is that these are the very things that will help
develop, confidence and trust in one's self, and all the other great
things that motivational books help us to develope and/or strengthen
in ourselves.

 You have written an assessment about a 40 year old company that has
helped 2,500+ persons become millionaires, second only to The
Microsoft Corporation with 3,000.  You know that Pyramid Schemes are
illegal in the state of Michigan and most other states for that
matter.  How is it then, if It's Marketing plan is a Pyramid Scheme,
That The Amway Corporation has been allowed to continue to do business
for 40 yrs and It's World Wide Headquarters to remain, in ADA,
Michigan operating in 80+countries and providences. Did you ask your
self that question?

I really wanted to tell you I am now 63 yrs of age and retired from
the State Government, Children's Services.  I had all through thru the
past years refused to allow anyone to show me the Amway Plan.  It was
always do to the past media hype/biases.... 40 yrs later, I saw it
because of the sister company, and to tell you the truth,
if it had not been internet driven, I probably would not have allowed
The Plan to be shown to me almost a year ago, if I had know it was
Amway backing the new startup company.  That is not the situation
today.  Even the Old Amway Company's Marketing Plan was the best thing
going and became convenienced of that only after a few weeks of
attending all the meetings and working directly with my upline

To make this as short as possible and still get my message to you, I
will tell you this.  I could just kick myself for not seeing this plan
40 yrs ago because you can do well even if you do not wish to become a
millionaire, have a lot more time to spend with your family, help a
lot of other people through giving to your chosen charities and or
church, giving, by employing other people.

And, one last thing that I would like to say to you as an older
experienced person(The is not the 1st MLM that I have been involved
with thru the years) If people are writing about losing their
identies, their family and friends, I can tell you they have not sign
up for the Internet Services recommended books and training tapes. Or,
if they did, they spent very little time listening and reading the
suggested materials.  The selected materials are chosen for the very
purpose of improving friend and Family relationships, and encouraging
community involvement including going to the church of your choice and
being involved in your church's community life.

You wrote about the Gray haired man who spoke at the first meeting you
attended.  Let me tell you, Our Diamond, began when he was about 22yr
of age, and is now 38yrs reach the milloniare(Diamond) level in 12 yrs
and he did very little with it during the 1st 2/4 yr because he too
did not realize just what he had in his hands!  There is just too much
to learn to try to injest it all at one time.  In My current community
lives the Dentist, Dr. Gary Gordon.  He reached the Diamond level in 4
yrs.  You see it depend on your dream and your desires in your own

I would admonish you to get with a quixtar IBO and have them take you
into their Virtual Office on the Web Site and click on "Reward and
Incentives" .  You are a young man, do not lose this opportunity, and
then wish as I did that I had listened so many years ago.  You know
even if it takes you 20ty yrs to build to the level you wish that is
still retiring 20 yrs earlier that most.

At the least, have some contact with some folks who are really on
their way toward the dreams and goals that they want for them selves.
And see for yourself if the act as clones, or is there a specific
reason certain things are designed the way they are.

Until you know more about the company than you can learn in the little
time that you were involved, and you talk to those who have successed,
Please to not add to the media that cause people to form opinions
before they look any further and miss out on the best thing going as I
did all these years


a Quixtar/Amaway IBO

Thu, 21 Oct 1999

Subject: Your Amway story (part 1)

I wouldn't be talking about something you do not understand. If you would of
stuck around a little longer. I'm not even that much into it. Yet I know
that it is a business opportunity. There is no guantee of success in any
business you get into. Besides I'll bet you spend more money in other
businesses than you will in this one. My suggestion. Don't put down
something like Amway before you have all the facts

Thu, 21 Oct 1999

Subject: My reply to your Amway page

we need someone who can clearly show that quixtar is amway.  they are just
polishing the wormy apple up.  disgusting.
Fri, 22 Oct 1999

Subject: Fwd: Re: IBM/Amway/Quixtar

Thought you might be interested in this.

>Subject: Re: IBM/Amway/Quixtar
>      Thank you for your message below.
>      Amway/Quixtar has been and remains a valued customer of IBM.  In
> addition,
>IBM is participating as a Merchant in the Quixtar venture which means,
>other things, that there is a link from the Quixtar website to an IBM
>allowing access to certain IBM products and/or services to customers of the
>Quixtar website.  IBM and Amway/Quixtar, however, are not "partners" in the
>formal legal sense of the terms "partner" and "partnership."  In other
>IBM and Amway/Quixtar have not entered an agreement creating a formal legal
>entity such as a partnership under state law.
>      I hope this answers your question and corrects any erroneous
>you received.
>Robert E. Easton
>Staff Counsel, Office of the Regional Counsel (Central Region)
>Subject:  IBM/Amway/Quixtar
>I was told by a Quixtar representative in a meeting in my home that IBM and
>Quixtar and Amway were in partnership.  Can you confirm this?  Also, my
>understanding of partnership is in the legal domain.
>Thank you in advance,

Fri, 22 Oct 1999

Subject: Finished your Amway story...

Thank you for putting up this web page.  This is a very good testimonial.
Like you I was allmost pulled and recieved the same kind of treatment.  At
one of the meeting I brought with me a price comparison of amway prices
compared to a major suppermarket.  When I brought it up and start listing
differant prices I got bombarded by all of the upper level member about how
Amway is the highest quality avalible and that was why there product cost
more.  I never knew that high quality amway corn flacks could cost twice as
much as regular store bought name brand corn flacks.

Sat, 23 Oct 1999

Subject: Your Amway page...

Great page!

Have one going up on Amway and how one of their supposedly safe chemical
products [Amway Metal Cleaner] malfunctioned [the pressed and sealed seam on
the tube separated] and spewed the contents into my left eye - burning off
the cornea and causing months long problems.

The offered me $2,500.00(two thousand five hundred dollars) and I pay my own
hospital and doctor bills.

I cordially laughed in the Amway's adjusters face and said that it would be
more fun to expose them, and to ruin them publically with the story about

Permission to provide a link from my page to yours when it is done.

Tue, 26 Oct 1999

Subject: Hi

Hey, Russell,

You probably don't remember me as it has been 6-8
months since I last wrote, but that's OK.

Just wanted to let you know that I was pleased to see
that your Amway page is back up and running. I've read
your story a few times, and picked up something I
didn't see the previous time each time. Matter of
fact, the first time I ever came across your site I
was still an active Amway rep; I think I read the
first two  parts of the story but maybe not the third,
and just sort of shrugged it off. Then I lost track of
your site and did not find it again until about 6
months later, after I had quit ScAmway completely.
After reading it again, I could not believe that what
I read in Part 2 the first time did not convince me to
either quit or research the tape and meeting money
scam deeper! Funny thing is, when I read it the second
time, I could not even recall reading it the first
time. I guess it just worries me because I consider
myself pretty skeptical and yet did not see a warning
when it was right before my eyes.

I imagine other visitors have already told you about
how Amway has morphed into this new "Quixtar" company.
Quite ironic, don't you think? I remember when the
Amwayites were telling us not to even use the internet
if at all possible, because of all the "negative
information" out there, then not even 6 months later,
they are marketing Amway as the "own your own internet
business" opportunity.

I visited the quixtar site. Besides being primitive,
it has the added benefit of being slow and convoluted.
However, if you're a good little distributor and only
use your computer to visit and,and nowhere else, you may be able to
convince yourself that this is the latest and greatest
in computer and distribution technology.

Oh well, enough about that. Hope this letter finds you
in good health and progressing in your career. Have
you written any cool software yet? Whereabouts in the
country are you living these days? Still with Ginny?

Tue, 26 Oct 1999

Subject: My reply to your Amway page

Hi there, I have been in the Amway business for 2 months and I am 20
years old. Reading your page has opened up my eyes! Don't worry, I will
be putting the questions to my upline. It is a VERY difficult situation
for me. I am sponsored by a friend my age. He-Abdul(lets say) is
sponsored by a same-aged guy my dad teached. A guy helping me out now
was also taught by my dad but is 32. It's a tight circle to begin with!
You bring up MANY concerning points,and I realize they can't go
unnoticed. I am not at Heather's stage yet(great story by the way :) )
so I am open minded enough to get things right! I agree it is the hope
of this business that attracts so many people(including myself),but I
see that many people end up in a worse off situation. It is the select
few that make it in this that makes me want to do it. I want to tell my
upline that I am doing this business without any tools. They will likely
freak eh? I have not spent much money so far so I still have time. I
realize you don't spend much time writing back,but I need a few
suggestions cause this is tough. This site is great.


Wed, 27 Oct 1999

Subject: Amway

Dear Russell

Well what can I say!!!!!  I was recruited by Amway about three months ago, I
fell for all the jib hook lie and sinker.  I believed this was my
opportunity to make it big and to have the financial stability I always

It was only after a short while that I began to feel that something was not
right, these people seemed to act like clones, my upline were constantly
calling me to arrange meetings or social calling, I never had any free time
to myself, there was always a lot of pressure to succeed.  At one of the
free enterprise days (which cost 42 by the way) someone by the name of Greg
Johnson called everyone in the corporate world WIMPS (Where Is My Paycheque

This was when I really began to feel uncomfortable with this business, my
boss is fantastic and I could not ask for a better Job.  Well the day after
this conference I decided to start digging for information about Amway.
That was when I came across your website, what can I say, it certainly
opened my eyes, I then wrote a letter to my upline saying I did not wish to
submit my friends to such decipt.  I also said that I was going to spread
the word about this farce of a business opportunity so that no-one would be
taken for the mug that I so nearly was.  Thank you for opening my eyes to
what this company is all about.

With many Thanks and Kind regards

Wed, 27 Oct 1999

Subject: finished your amway story...

Hi Russell

I went to my first Amway meeting last night and thought I would do some
research on the internet. It's unbelievable. What I read in your story about
the meetings (their whole approach) and what they say etc... is exactly the
way it happened. I'm sure the main guy is Phil himself. Anyway, I'm
expecting a call tomorrow to be invited to another meeting on Thursday. I'll
politely tell him to F%#& off. I'm 27 and work as an accountant.

Thanks for the help.

South Africa

Wed, 27 Oct 1999

Subject: Your Amway story


I'm living in Stockholm, Sweden, but I have lived in the US for eight years
as well, during which time I think I developed a good sense of skepticism,
perhaps even cynicism. If it sound's too good to be true, it probably isn't.
Oh boy, was that confirmed to me tonight or what?

This person who I happen to come across a while back called me the other
day. Long story short, she was telling me about how she was involved in this
business deal that was gonna get her rich before 30 (she's 24) and how she's
been doing a lot of travelling lately because of it. She didn't tell me what
it was and as we also talked of other things I didn't pay much attention to
it. Towards the end of our conversation I suggested that we get together
sometime and she said "how about tomorrow and you can find out more about my
business adventure?" Being curious and having a moderate romantic interest
in this woman, I said sure. I went there the next night, having a notion of
what it would be about (I suspected a pyramid scam of sort). The more I
heard, the more skeptical I became, especially as they were adding little
details about their families, etc, well-known tricks to add credibility. I
was completely convinced that it was a scam as soon as it was over and I was
trying to figure out a way to get out of there without insulting my
"friend." I started talking with her and one of the things I asked her was
how much she had made so far. "Well, I've just gotten started..." I
discussed some of the details with her. After she had explained more to me,
I cracked a joke based on my observations and understanding of the whole
enterprise. My joke was, "it's sort of a cult!" She didn't seem to
appreciate it and I tried to save face by joking about how Saturn owners
share a community of the same sort. I left the meeting as soon as I could
but only after having been given a package with "information" and a tape,
which I was made to promise that I would listen to (I won't). As soon as I
got home, I logged on to the internet, but not the site they had suggested,
but critical Amway sites which I felt pretty confident there must be plenty
of. Everything you wrote on your site was so on the money, almost as if you
had been at the meeting that I had been to. And like yourself, I was very
angry at having been manipulated, but I also feel empowered being strong and
smart enough to see through the whole scam. Once they started describing the
whole group of people and sub-people who had to be involved, I knew that the
math would not add up.

I think you have done a great thing by posting your opinions about Amway on
your site. What really scares me is how I really did feel that it was a sort
of cult and that is exactly what you said too. I sort of feel compelled to
try to "convert" my acquaintance, but I probably shouldn't, because I don't
really know her.

If I understood it correctly they're establishing themselves in Scandinavia
now. Scary!!!

Thanks for having taken such great care at warning people.

Fri, 29 Oct 1999

Subject: My reply to your Amway page


Thank you for a wonderful and edifying site. I was recently propositioned
by a relative for Quixtar. I've been studying a lot about Scientology
recently, and in those searches somewhere was a reference to Quixtar being
Amway-related. I did some web-hunting, and some poking about in, and am seriously disturbed by the similar methods
Scientology and Amway use for recruitment and control. All the hallmarks of
a cult are present in greater or lesser degree.

BTW, I'm sure you've heard this before, but the Cult Awareness Network was
bought out by the Scientologists some time back. It might be a good idea to
put a note near your reference to them in case someone spots their name on
your pages and goes to them as a reference.

Thanks from a fellow Austinite for spreading the word.

Fri, 29 Oct 1999

Subject: Ginny's Amway story (part 3)





Fri, 29 Oct 1999

Subject: Your%20Amway%20story%20(part%203)

You are a stud!  Somebody is trying to Amway me right now and I know way too
much to fall for it.  In fact, this is the 4th time someone has tried to
"Amway" me.   I have never considered it as a legitimate business
opportunity, but I am seriously becoming very tired of being approached by
these assholes.

I have become sick and tired of these jerks approaching me at Barnes and
Noble and other places to ask me if I am interested in other buiness
opportunties.  This new guy has no idea what he is in for.

Thanks for the encouragement!  And for doing something about these ruthless

Take care.

Sat, 30 Oct 1999

Subject: My reply to your Amway page

Interesting duality here:

Some moron wrote:

> Subject:  Your Amway page...

> Thu, 6 May 1999

> Get bent
> God Bless

Glad to see that you're back with your acerbic, on-target wit.


Sun, 31 Oct 1999

Subject: Finished your Amway story...

I was approached and given a tape by a "friend".  I thought she only
wanted to go to lunch, but the actual purpose was to give me the intro
tape...the first one you get that is the vague one.  I actually knew it
was Amway and the tape only confirmed my fear that it is a pyramid
scheme.  Your website was most helpful.  I am sure glad I was leery of
this whole thing and did not..repeat NOT...go to a "meeting" which the
"friend" wanted me to go to!  Keep up the good work!!

Mon, 1 Nov 1999

Subject: your amway page!!!!!!!!!!!

OMG!!!!!!!! your amway page " the perils of amway" is
incredible! its totally true! i couldnt believe it!
your experiences with amway are exactly like mine. i
was sucked into it like you! i just think you've done
a great thing by putting up this page. its so cool and
true. you are so awsome for writing the truth about
this cut-throat money hungry company and all its body
counting people! i commend you my friend!

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