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About Me

headshot photo of me I am an erudite nerd. I love sci-fi, fantasy, and politics, and I certainly know my way around computers.

My Life History

I was born in Princeton, New Jersey, and at the age of 5 I moved to Auburn, Alabama. At 10 I then moved once again to Santa Fe, New Mexico where I met one of my good friends, Gilbert Quintana, who gets credit for making my life a whole lot weirder, in the best way, of course.

I went to become a Computer Science graduate at the University of California, San Diego, where I picked up all sorts of interesting hobbies from rollerblading, to skiing, to juggling. I took a playwriting class, and enjoyed acting any time I could get a break in my schedule. I also enjoyed singing as a second tenor in the La Jolla Symphony Chorus and the San Jose Chorale over the last seven years, which helped encourage me to join the Austin Civic Choir.

For a year I moved to Silicon Valley in San Jose, California before packing up and moving to Austin, Texas. Since moving here, I've gone on to get my Master's Degree in Computer Engineering at the University of Texas in 2007. I've done a variety of work in Austin, mostly web development for industries including supply chain management, automobile sales and services, and large scale file storage at IBM.

In my pre-Austin days, I also taught programming classes, designed virtual reality training simulators, produced an educational game, and wrote applications for scientific programming.

If you want to learn more about my thoughts on technology, you can visit my software blog, Castles of Air. You can also read more about my work from the samples page and Java page.

I have been married and divorced. I have a wonderful son named Ben, who is a great reader and a fun kid. I'm currently enjoying the opportunity to date again, and I want to credit a special somebody for helping me revamp this webpage.

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