That's the whole story. Now the question is, why did I write all this? Truth to tell, I spent an entire weekend writing up my experiences, because at the time I was obsessed. After several months I've gradually grown less interested, because I realize I have better things to do with my life that worry about than a bunch of people who are following false dreams and cheating themselves out of human feeling. I am reminded of compulsive gamblers who fritter their lives away in dark casinos in the belief that they will become wildly rich. The more I think about it, the more I understand that some people (like Heather, for instance) just can't be helped.

But then again, some people can. People who are young and vulnerable, but intelligent. People like you and me, who might be conned into Amway, but just need a little bit of extra information to push them back the other way.

The last words Phil said stuck in my mind. "You'll never succeed," that's what he said. People who use the internet are a tiny fringe group, and the traffic through my own home page is very small. The truth is that I wrote this story for the benefit of myself and a few close friends, not to reach the millions of people that Amway boasts in its domain. Sure, at one time I contemplated writing a chain letter across the internet as a way of fighting fire with fire, but most of my friends thought that would be irritating and intrusive. And they'd be right. After all, that was one big reason I got out.

But more and more people ARE now reading my web page, to my endless surprise, and writing me back to say that I've made a difference. Something I failed to do for Heather, but succeeded in just by sitting still. If only everybody who had read my web page would send me money, I might get rich! (sardonic smile) Failing that, however, I'm happy to sit back and listen to the stories of how people were shafted by Amway, and how my web page might occasionally be the final straw that turns people away from this strange and unusual scheme.

Don't worry about me and my self-esteem. I've been given new direction in my life. I've renewed my faith in my own talent and intelligence, and I'm enthusiastically determined to meet again with Phil or Ted someday and show myself to be an example of someone who CAN succeed in the real world. If they need it, maybe I'll even offer them a job when that time comes.

Russell Glasser
June 21, 1996

You have finished reading the story of my experiences with Amway. I can't BELIEVE you actually read that whole thing! What are you, some kind of fanatic or something? :)

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