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I am not longer posting new mail on this page, but don't worry! You can still make your opinions heard by signing the guest book. The mail on this page goes through June 8, 2000.

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A quick word about time lapse.

If you'll check the date on my story, page 3, you'll notice that I wrote this story in 1996.  Obviously, things change in the intervening years. When sending email to me, you should keep it in mind that I'm no longer in college and have been a professional developer for many years. If you're an Amway distributor, chances are very high that both my income and my net worth are significantly higher than yours.

Hi, everybody!

Would you believe that "The Perils of Amway" has been online for SIX YEARS? This web page has given me a truly ridiculous amount of popularity/notoriety online, and as such, it's one of the most rewarding things that I've ever done with a computer. Like the legendary Amway income, I did the work once, and I keep reaping the benefit for the rest of my life.

So now that I'm an embittered grumpy old man (24 years old as of this writing), let me give you my current perspective on Amway mail and the internet in general.

When I was first starting to create this page, my idea was that I would tell the world what's happening with Amway. Of course, apart from the direct experiences I had for all of three weeks, my information was all second-hand. I realized, of course, that some people would choose to see this as a black mark on my credibility. But I went ahead and printed my single personal experience anyway. Then the letters started coming in.

At some point, people started telling me that the mail page was the best part. That's when I realized, this web page was no longer just about my opinions. It had become a forum for other people to share their own ideas, experiences, and philosophies about Amway.

And when you come right down to it, that's the amazing thing about the internet, which makes it totally unlike any other form of media that has ever come before. It's not so much that any idiot can publish their opinion and the whole world will see it. It's that the whole world will answer back -- instant feedback.

You could say that this web page is still primarily about me and my opinions. But when you come right down to it, it is also about PERSPECTIVE. The vast perspective that comes from literally thousands of individual voices, opinions, and experiences.

Think about that when you're reading my mail. When I say "the vast majority of people aren't making money through Amway", that's no longer a vague statistic. Every one of these so-called "losers" is another real individual, with emotions and dreams and their own story to tell. I think that's fascinating, don't you?