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Yes yes, I know... I'm progressing a little slower than I said I would, but at least I'm making the effort. The mail page has now been updated through it's now current through June 8, 2000. June is a short month; I didn't get as much mail as usual due to a problem with my email addresses. 

Check the news page for more updates.


Updating my mail! For real this time! I'm trying to break down the work and do one month of mail each night or two until I'm finished, but boy. April was a LONG month. I hope this gets easier.

So anyway, check out my mail page; it's now current through April 30, 2000.


Don't know how many people noticed, but I had a little downtime this month. I almost lost this entire web page when I changed the service plan of Apollo WebWorks over from NT to Unix, and in the same week I had to reformat my hard drive after the cable modem installation screwed it up. All my important files survived the transfer, EXCEPT THE WEBPAGES. Lucky for me, I had an older copy of most pages at the site, and the rest of the files I managed to get off of my mirror site. The only things I lost forever are a couple of Java applets that I've worked on lately, and the script for processing my email.

I know I've been saying this for a long time, so you probably won't believe me, but I WILL update my mail page one day. First I have to rewrite the script, then strip all the names out and add comments. A year's worth of them. Yikes.

Perils of Amway visitors who tried to visit last month may have noticed that the site was down. The reason is that doesn't like you to have a popular web site without paying them extra for more traffic. I did not realize when I signed up with them that their normal monthly traffic limit was extremely small. Once POA started getting a lot of search engine references, I used up my limit within a week.

I've just posted an IRS position letter that I had sitting in my mailbox for a couple of year. Read it here, in the Misc section.

They say that the World Wide Web is also known as "The Home Shoplifting Network" in the sense that you can steal anything from anyone. That is certainly true in the case of my brand-spankin' new web page design, the concept for which was stolen directly from nicer, more professional web sites like Amazon and The Motley Fool. Personally, I think the tabs I just added to the top make navigating this web site much quicker and smoother, plus I think they look really cool. Hope you'll agree.

Moved site to The mirror site will remain at as long as Jason is willing to accommodate me.

Since my former host server has been down for an extended period of time, and shows no signs of being up again in the near future, I am now officially sanctioning a mirror site. The primary address of The Perils of Amway is now The rest of my personal home page is now located at Please update your bookmarks to reflect these changes.

Many people have complained that my links in part 2, which purported to provide numbers on how much money people make through Amway, have disappeared. Better late than never: they've been updated. (Go to part 2, then search for the words "this page and this page".) The second page seems to be down for construction, but presumably it will come back.

Also, please indulge a programmer's odd sense of humor and play Amway Mad Libs.

For people who have given up all hope for any signs of life on this page: sit tight, I'm still alive. I am trying like crazy to get this site updated. Keep watching the mail page for updates through June, coming SOON, I swear. Check out the new Frequently Asked Questions page.